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CTC's After Birth of a Nation
Mike Logothetis
Delaware Arts INfo Blog

The White House has a total of 132 rooms with 412 doors, 147 windows, and a cadre of servants to keep things running smoothly. Only one of these rooms, two of its doors, two windows, and one servant are needed for After Birth of a Nation to lampoon what might have happened inside the executive mansion on a cold winter’s night over 100 years ago.

Rodgers + Hammerstein Cinderella © Carol Rosegg
Brenda Joy
Delaware Arts INfo Blog

Sitting in velvety seats of The Playhouse on Rodney Square, young 8-year-old Brynn exclaims “5 stars!” for this wonderfully refreshing new take on the beloved classic. The plot of Rodgers + Hammerstein's CINDERELLA has been modernized, keeping us guessing with its unexpected twists, yet maintaining the endearing elements of the tale we all cherish. 

The scenery is enchanting, and the musical numbers – which are excellently executed – weave the story through fascinating choreography and captivating costuming...

Whit Guys on the Bus IN Wilmington - photo by Matt Urban of Mobius New Media
Mike Logothetis
Delaware Arts INfo Blog

White Guy on the Bus proves to be a bold step forward for Executive Director Bud Martin and the rest of Delaware Theatre Company (DTC). While DTC has tackled difficult themes over the years at its cozy theater on the Wilmington Riverfront, this play deals with several serious and challenging topics. In 2016, the Delaware Theatre Company began actively pursuing a path to make the theater a more welcoming place where all stories can be experienced. Simply put, this is a story that you should experience.

Wilmington Drama League - Cabaret - IN Wilmington
Mike Logothetis
Delaware Arts INfo Blog

Willkommen, bienvenue and welcome to the Wilmington Drama League's production of the 1967 Tony Award-winning Cabaret. It’s Berlin, soon before World War II, and people should forget their woes at the exciting Kit Kat Klub. But trouble abounds as creativity, possibility and budding romance is swallowed by fear, hate and misfortune. The diverse cast – directed by Dominic Santos with music direction by Caty Butler – takes a modern view of the themes in this classic musical. If you're unfamiliar with the content and plot, the mature subject matter may not be suitable for younger audiences. Sexuality, abortion, drug use and racism are woven throughout the multiple storylines which result in adult language and situations. But please don’t let this warning stop you from coming to the theater and enjoying an excellent production…just get a babysitter!

OperaDelaware - Ben Wager - IN Wilmington
Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald
Delaware Arts INfo Blog

The hubby and I spent Friday night out with a bunch of truly bad men...and loved every moment!

We attended OperaDelaware's quasi-new programming (it's a few seasons in, although some may not realize) Inside the Opera Studio. The program brings audiences up close and personal to well-known and (perhaps) lesser known — but equally captivating — works from productions both international and U.S. born, under a collective theme. This time, it was "Devils, Drunks and Dastardly Dudes."

OperaDelaware's second-floor rehearsal hall was set with large candlelit tables and rear platform seating facing a small stage under chandeliers, giving the entire night a personal, intimate feel...






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