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Serafin String Quartet
Zachary Davis

Even a group as well-established as the Serafins must entertain questions and doubts when choosing a new identity. A string quartet which debuted in 2004 under the artistic direction of Kate Ransom, president and CEO of The Music School of Delaware, the group became the Serafin Ensemble earlier this year. The change opens new vistas of possibility in repertoire, instrumentation and collaboration. Already the roster has added piano, voice, double bass, flute and horn. But evolution isn’t always easy, especially in a chamber music world more comfortable with string quartets and a pop culture with a tendency to treat all “classical” music as antiquated...

Aubrey Plaza on The Late Show w Stephen Colbert - Community Calendar

It doesn’t take much for a mention of our state to make the viral rounds in our city’s social circle. A mere hint of the name “Joe Biden” and Twitter and Facebook feeds of everyone from  INfluencers to your great aunt go wild with extreme opinions from the widest of angles. Back when the film Fight Club revealed in its dialog its Delaware setting, we all went kinda crazy just hearing our city’s name, even without the aid of social media. Our small size and low population usually keeps us off the map of public interest and that, combined with an obvious identity crisis likely rooted in our proximal Mason-Dixon heritage and an agrarian/corporate economy, has led to a mix of prideful sharing and staunch defense from natives when there is mention of our home...

Live Music at Dew Point
JulieAnne Cross

As Delaware's only family-owned and operated microbrewery, Dew Point Brewing Co. has carved out a special place in the state’s brewing community, and settled into a unique location just up the road from the family home. A quick northward turn from the center of Hockessin, or a scenic, winding, creekside drive from Greenville, will get you to Yorklyn, Delaware. It is a town of twisting and turning roads with a surprisingly large offering of arts, culture and recreation even before this brewery settled in and began offering regular events, including a newly-expanded series of music festivals...

A member of Downtown Visions' Clean & Safe crew
Christine Facciolo

If you live, work or play in Downtown Wilmington, you’ve seen them: the Downtown Ambassadors. They’re the ones wearing the bright gold polos (or jackets depending on the time of the year) and affable smiles. Yet even while they’ve been a fixture on the streets of downtown’s business district for some two decades now, many might still be wondering who they are and what services are they providing to the downtown landscape?


Serafin Summer Music
Zachary Davis

Countertenor Gus Mercante trained at the renowned University of North Texas College of Music, then went to Augsburg, Germany on a Fulbright Scholarship. But the Pike Creek native and University of Delaware alum says he couldn’t wait to come home to Wilmington...