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Torbert Street Social
Jill Althouse-Wood

In some respects, Torbert Street Social doesn’t quite know what it wants to be.  It wants to be a secret, tucked in behind other restaurants in Wilmington’s Business District. But its name is its location, so it isn’t quite the mystery its website wants you to believe it is. It wants to be a dark and edgy speak-easy, but it’s got a boisterous outdoor beer garden vibe happening, too... 

Larry Strange IN Action
Jill Althouse-Wood

In 2006, Larry Strange experienced a debilitating spine injury that required surgery to fuse his C3-C5 vertebrae. The casualties of this surgery were neck mobility and Larry’s weekly tennis matches. To replace tennis and help with his rehabilitation, Strange took up hiking. (This comes into play later in the story.) The irony is that thirteen years later, Strange, in spite of his limited ability turn his neck, is putting Wilmington on the map (Google Maps to be specific) with his 360-degree photography... 

Eunice LaFate by Joe del Tufo
Jill Althouse-Wood

In September of this year, Eunice LaFate celebrated the fourth anniversary of the opening of LaFate Gallery at 227 N. Market Street. The gallery primarily showcases LaFate’s own art which is a blend of folk and contemporary styles. As she will tell you when describing the difference between folk and fine art, “Folk art is not about perspective and accuracy. It is about life stories. Ask me the story behind this piece.” Which means that there is more to each work of art than meets the eye.

First State Ballet Theatre presents Dracula
JulieAnne Cross

Since his career as a soloist began in 1987, Ukrainian-born Viktor Plotnikov has danced major roles in a wide variety of classical and contemporary ballets by many world-class choreographers, and has toured extensively in Russia and the US. In 1998, he began creating original works for international organizations and individuals, with musical taste ranging from Brahms to Pink Floyd, winning him national and global awards. He is a regular collaborator with Wilmington’s First State Ballet Theatre, with a new work under way. Just in time for Halloween, FSBT will present a world premiere by Plotnikov: Dracula. It takes place at the baby grand from October 18 through 20. Based on the gothic novel by Irish author Bram Stoker, Dracula promises to intrigue and captivate the audience...

Oddity Bar IN Wilmington
Danielle Johnson

The place where UFOs, David Lynch and live music meet and mingle to create an experience like no other. Nestled in a shopping center, trying to hide on the fringe of society, is a hotspot for weird yet intriguing performances. From the outside, the only inkling of an unconventional time are the occasional collection of 1970s restored cafe racer motorcycles bathing in the light of the glowing neon bar lights and a big red tattoo font sign reading Oddity Bar...