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Orientation Hall response wall

Art museums have a reputation for being unwelcoming. Often their grandiose architecture looms with self-importance over their surrounding neighborhoods. Think about it. Just setting foot in the Philadelphia Art Museum requires that you climb a set of stairs so imposing that it has been immortalized as a professional athlete’s workout. (Are you singing the Rocky theme song yet?) And the mental workout? Sometimes you can feel like a poser if you don’t have an advanced degree in art history. I know. I have a minor in art history, and there are times when I feel daunted by a mere exhibition leaflet.


Landscape III by Roderick Hidalgo

When you are driving to interview an artist and the only thing you know about him is that his latest series of work is entirely black, as in… black layered on black, black poured over black, and black dotted with more black, you end up mind-diving through all the clichés. Is this guy Emo? Goth? New York City slick? Commander of the Night’s Watch? Darth frickIN’ Vader? Meeting Roderick Hidalgo in person defied all these preconceived notions. If I had to describe him in a word, it would be exuberant...


Bootless Stageworks

For nine out of the last ten years, Bootless Stageworks has staged horror-themed musical theater productions, usually in the summer, such as Evil Dead, The Musical and The Texas Chainsaw Musical!, featuring the company’s signature “splatter zone,” a section of seating where tarps and ponchos protect guests from a thorough soaking of stage blood. And where other guests wear white shirts that will serve as a stained souvenir of their experience. But don’t let the preponderance of singing, sweltering gore-fests fool you...

Rennie Harris' Lifted!

Since 1992, Rennie has been the mastermind choreographer behind his dance company Puremovement which was created with the specific purpose to further preserve and disseminate hip hop culture, particularly as it relates to dance, through artistic works, lecture demonstrations and discussions.


As the leader of Puremovement, Rennie has garnered praise from international press being hailed as “the Basquiat of the US Contemporary dance scene” by the London Times and “the most respected…the most brilliant hip hop choreographer in America” by The New Yorker, along with a slew of awards to boot...

James Wyatt -

James Wyatt, or “” as he styles himself, is a painter, sculptor and mural artist who is poised at the intersection of a celebrated family legacy that stretches INto Wilmington’s past and a collective of young artists who have revitalized Wilmington’s cultural landscape in the last decade. He is proud of both those associations...

Chelsea Anokye-Agyei

From an initial field of 20 Delaware high school students and then 12 state finalists, Chelsea Anokye-Agyei, a senior from Hodgson Vo-Tech High School, earned the title of 2019 Poetry Out Loud Delaware State Champion at the state finals held in Smyrna on February 26. The first runner-up was Samuel McGarvey from Tall Oaks Classical School, and the second runner-up was Sarah Stevenson from Milford Senior High School.

Bootless Stageworks

On Friday night, Trolley Square’s underground theater, Bootless Stageworks, staged a rollicking comedy night open to all ages. Four comedians took the stage to tickle the collective funny bone of about 70 people. The headliner was Stavros Halkias, a New York-based comedian, originally from Baltimore, whose star is quickly rising.