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Backyard Bash Delaware Art Museum

You may have heard Delaware Art Museum's annual Backyard Bash is back this Saturday #inWilm. What is the Backyard Bash? What can families expect from the outdoor affair? We sat down with the Delaware Art Museum to find out. Here's the event IN a Nutshell...

Lend Us an Ear: 'Lend Me a Tenor' is a Heckuva Hit!

Lend Me a Tenor (running at Candlelight Theatre now through June 23) is a six-door farce by prolific playwright Ken Ludwig. Originally produced in the late 1980s, the premise is that a world-famous operatic tenor, Tito Merelli (Paul McElwee), is coming to guest star with a mid-tier opera company. All involved are desperate and determined that this be a success, to raise their standing (individually and as a company) in the opera world. 

Feminist Flea Market IN Wilmington

According to statistics from the National Museum of Women in the Arts, women earn between 65-75% of all the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in the United States. Yet women account for only 30% of the artists represented by commercial galleries. Female graduates of art programs run into bias when they look for opportunities whether it is publishing in art journals, showing their work, or applying for grants or fellowships...

Women Who Rock…a-Billy: Tina Marabito

If a Pontiac Grand Am or a Chevy Chevelle Laguna is the classic car of your dreams, you won’t see it at Wilmo a Go-Go in 2019…1972 is the youngest car model you’ll find at the May 26, 2019, event. But you will find old-timey hot rods and muscle cars, rag tops and land yachts, restorations and pinstripes galore. A stand-up bass or two. Biker jackets and twirly moustaches. And cheesecake (thanks to the pin-up contest)…lots and lots of cheesecake.

Bootless Hosts Parody of Child Pageantry with "Honey"

Over the weekend (April 26-28, 2019), Trolley Square’s underground theater, Bootless Stageworks, offered its space to stage a very funny new musical called Close Your Legs, Honey. From Friday night through the Sunday matinee, a pre-teen beauty pageant was taking place in the basement of St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church.

CTC Pub Plays

Twenty-five years ago, a group of young, bright-eyed actors were eager to start their own theatre company here IN Wilmington but had no space to perform. A frequent haunt of this ragtag group of performers and theatre lovers was O’Friel’s Irish Pub, formerly located on Market Street. The group approached the bar’s owner, Kevin Freel, told him their story and made their case for the opportunity to perform at his bar. Kevin saw the passion for the arts dripping from these young people and allowed them to perform at O’Friel’s. Thus, both the City Theater Company and the Pub Plays were born...

Go Back to the '90s with CTC's Wacky & Wild "Pub Plays"

Party at the pub like it’s 1993 with City Theater Company (CTC)! CTC wraps its 25th season with “Pub Plays” — a love letter/throwback to the company’s early days downtown at O’Friel’s Irish Pub. In fact, former pub owner Kevin Freel acts as a host/historian for the production, speaking at the onset and at other intervals between the five short plays. 

Sensational Singing Steals the Stage at the Music School

What do you get when members of the voice faculty of The Music School of Delaware come together for an evening of song? A night of “Sensational Singing.” 

Honk! at Delaware Theatre Company

One of the “rules” of performing is to never work with kids and animals. But what happens when the kids (and adults) are playing animals? Well, one such instance of this is Honk!, now playing at the Delaware Theatre Company. Adapted from the original Hans Christian Anderson story, The Ugly Duckling, DTC’s production Honk! transports audiences to a farm in the English countryside where we meet Drake and Ida, a duck couple that has just come off the mating season and is anticipating the arrival of their five hatchlings, as well as the rest of the farm animals (a turkey, chicken, and cat, to name a few)....