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The IN Crowd

Gayle Dillman - Ladybug Music Festival

Never get in the way of a woman and her passion. In the case of Gayle Dillman, it was her role as a proud stay-at-home mom that created a path for her to co-found Gable Music Ventures and its Ladybug Festival. In 2010, seeking to showcase her talented daughter’s original music, she paired up with now-business-partner Jeremy Hebbel to put on “First Annual Yorklyn Rock Showcase.” One thing led to another and this entrepreneur, who has been quoted in Billboard Magazine, will soon welcome 10,000 guests to the eighth annual Festival, taking place July 18 and 19, 2019.


Women Who Rock: Amy Watson Bish

While “Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie” might seem like a natural soundtrack to Amy Watson Bish’s furious home-kitchen piemaking sessions (the frequently medal-winning pies don’t stick around for long), our guess is she’s more likely humming along to the Broadway musical, Waitress.

Women Who Rock…a-Billy: Tina Marabito

If a Pontiac Grand Am or a Chevy Chevelle Laguna is the classic car of your dreams, you won’t see it at Wilmo a Go-Go in 2019…1972 is the youngest car model you’ll find at the May 26, 2019, event. But you will find old-timey hot rods and muscle cars, rag tops and land yachts, restorations and pinstripes galore. A stand-up bass or two. Biker jackets and twirly moustaches. And cheesecake (thanks to the pin-up contest)…lots and lots of cheesecake.

Connie Drummond

Connie Drummond is an actress, an award-winning playwright, the founder of Lady C Productions … and a licensed wedding officiant, which means we have 20 minutes to chat inside her Artzscape black box theater on Market before the next happy couple she’s marrying shows up for a meeting. (The photo shoot went long when we started throwing paint around. This is the kind of thing that might happen when Connie is around.) We started the conversation by asking about her favorite places to write…

Alisha Gay

Alisha Gay was a high school student studying fashion on Long Island when Rocawear called, offering her an internship at the fledgling brand. “It wasn't anything yet, except that it was Jay-Z and that was a big deal.” She answered the call  (“returning the call was key, because phone calls were big before email”) and thus began a career that took her from Rocawear to the Fashion Institute of Technology to the music video circuit to a boutique in Williamsburg to Bella Noire, her new boutique on Ninth Street, just off Market. (If you can keep up, you can follow her @bellanoireofficial on Instagram.) Alisha is a Woman of Market on the move, as she was when we caught up with her on the phone… 

VISIT WILMINGTON: Sarah Willoughby, Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau

She might be one of Wilmington’s great advocates today, but Sarah Willoughby’s voice holds more than a hint of a southern accent, and she has a very good gumbo recipe that she’ll share if you’re nice. Born and raised in Laurel, Mississippi (“If you're watching HGTV, that’s where ‘Home Town is filmed”), Sarah graduated Ole Miss before finding herself in Birmingham, Alabama, working as an insurance adjuster and … not happy. (“I claim that's where all my gray hairs come from. And I was saving my money, so I was only eating grits.”) But love bloomed within the walls of that insurance agency, and eventually, she followed her future husband back to his Delaware home …

Andrea Sikora

Andrea Sikora presides over a growing family of restaurants, with three already up and running and a fourth on the way this spring. But this “Woman of Market” wasn’t born into the business. In fact, Andrea had no previous experience in the restaurant industry before opening La Fia with her husband, Chef Bryan Sikora. But she certainly knew what she liked to eat…

Landscape III by Roderick Hidalgo

When you are driving to interview an artist and the only thing you know about him is that his latest series of work is entirely black, as in… black layered on black, black poured over black, and black dotted with more black, you end up mind-diving through all the clichés. Is this guy Emo? Goth? New York City slick? Commander of the Night’s Watch? Darth frickIN’ Vader? Meeting Roderick Hidalgo in person defied all these preconceived notions. If I had to describe him in a word, it would be exuberant...