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The IN Crowd

Landscape III by Roderick Hidalgo

When you are driving to interview an artist and the only thing you know about him is that his latest series of work is entirely black, as in… black layered on black, black poured over black, and black dotted with more black, you end up mind-diving through all the clichés. Is this guy Emo? Goth? New York City slick? Commander of the Night’s Watch? Darth frickIN’ Vader? Meeting Roderick Hidalgo in person defied all these preconceived notions. If I had to describe him in a word, it would be exuberant...


Sarah Koon

As the 50+ musicians of “Shine A Light On 1969” gathered on stage at The Queen for the closing song of the show, the new executive director of the Light Up The Queen Foundation was right there among them. In the first in our series about the Women of Market during Women’s History Month, we’re chatting with Sarah Koon (left in above photo) about how this very popular annual fundraiser will support the programs of the LUTQ Foundation. But we started by asking her to think back to that moment on stage as the show ended…


When Strongpoint merged with Möbius New Media last year, it was a marriage made on Market. Now, the new company, renamed NüPOINT, operates alongside a half dozen performing arts companies inside The Grand Opera House -- as well as in Tucson, where Strongpoint first opened and the partners there still live. 

DLS Discovery

A nondescript set of double doors open onto the breezeway between The Grand Opera House and Jimmy Johns on Market – at least they do some days, when the humidity is just right and hovering around a nice comfortable 35. On the other side of those doors sits the most sophisticated (and humidity sensitive) Xerox machine on Market Street. Tended to by a marketing team of four inside DLS Discovery – that would be Rebecca Simeone Lennon, Danielle Miller, Grace Hunsinger and new guy Stephen Moran, who’s on his second day at work but is totally fine with our cameras hanging around – this growing print shop serves businesses large and small around the city and on Market, though it’s a bit of an offshoot from DLS Discovery’s original business…

Sneaker City

Ken Min’s Sneaker City is a city the way Wilmington is a city. It’s small, but it takes advantage of its size. It’s got history, but it’s ready to pivot as circumstances change. It’s global in spirit, but it knows everyone’s name. Ken’s a constant presence in the store, the only way to keep the finger on the pulse of Wilmington’s feet. But he’s not the first Min who decided that Market needed a better shoe store…

I.M Coffee

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