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The IN Crowd

Troy and Family

The “Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino” comedy train keeps on chugging, much as the titular character does with her favorite wine, Franzia. With sold-out performances all over the mid-Atlantic, comedian and drag performer Troy Hendrickson doesn’t get much of a break from full-time performing these days. We asked this Cab Calloway School of the Arts graduate what holidays are like for him and his family in Wilmington…and we asked Aunt Mary Pat the same!

Lauren E. Peters' Studio IN Wilmington

Lauren Peters is not one thing. This is fortunate for her because Peters has painted her own image almost exclusively for the last three years. I met Peters in the parking lot at the Delaware Contemporary, so she could escort me to her studio. In this month of early darkness and never-ending rain, the Warholian colors of her workspace hit me like a jolt of vitamin C...

Jonathan Whitney - photo by Joe del Tufo

Jonathan W. Whitney is the kind of person you’re gonna hear before you see. You’ll be walking down Market and there it is, faint in the background, that boom badda badda badda boom badda badda boom boom. Maybe you’ll be one of the curious who’s drawn by the rhythm, pulled off Market and just down the street to the Rock Lot on 8th Street in the Creative District...

Oba Jackson Push Tattoo Studio

Oba Jackson was somewhere between clients at PUSH Tattoo Studio on Market when the casting agents called. He has spent years making a name for himself locally as an artist and then as a visual designer at Nordstrom. However, it’s his skills with needles and ink that will introduce him to a national audience as the third Delaware tattoo artist to compete on “Ink Master” on the Paramount Network. (Check it out Tuesday nights at 10pm.)

Lopez and Martinez at Next Fab

Sister and brother Monica Lopez and Danny Martinez, who are both painters and creatives, attended one of the inaugural Creative District projects in Wilmington three year ago, hoping to learn about murals. But the project, The Veterans Freedom Mural, turned out to be much more than a learning experience...