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The IN Crowd

Kevin Aquino - Brew HaHa

Kevin Aquino, manager, barista and fully caffeinated guy at BrewHaHa, talks about the big move from phlebotomy to coffee connoisseurship (spoiler: It involved crossing Market Street), the special relationship between barista and customer, and what you should order for the full BrewHaHa experience...

Nick Matarese - The Barn Creative

Nick Matarese, owner of The Barn Creative located inside in coIN Loft at Start It Up Delaware, on minor league teams that never existed, the small global economy and the person you're sitting next to right now...

Ivan Thomas - DETV

Ivan Thomas, founder of DETV, on gaining perspective, directing the Running Man, and swooping down on Market from 400 feet above...

Terrance Vann - photo by Joe del Tufo

Hopefully by now you've seen local artist Terrance Vann on the cover of our latest What's IN Calendar floating all over town. We fell IN love with Terrance's talent and creative energy the second we were introduced and we're so very proud of the hard work he puts in to advance his art and our community here #inWilm! 

Francine Stone: Healthcare Consultant & World Traveler - IN Wilmington

Francine Stone, a healthcare consultant by day, finds most joy in traveling the world and has certainly experienced her fair share of beautiful sights and scenery, but she still prefers to live (and play!) IN Wilmington!

Andy Truscott, Director of Marketing and Development for Delaware Theatre Company and 2009 WCU alum, has been awarded the Region II Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Gold Medallion.  It is the organization’s most prestigious award and considered one of the great honors in theater e