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Blitzen: Pop-Up Holiday Bar

Visions of sugarplums (and spiked eggnog) have been dancing in our heads ever since we heard rumor of a Christmas-themed bar popping up somewhere in Wilmington. Now, our holiday dreams are coming true...

Can Vs. Bottle: The Epic Battle

Premiering Nov. 9 at the Queen, a light-hearted, locally-produced documentary ‘studies’ this beer-based controversy...

Green Box Kitchen , Green Box Kitchen, Green Box Kitchen , Green Box Kitchen , Green Box Kitchen , Green Box Kitchen , Green Box Kitchen, Green Box Kitchen

Those who regularly traverse the 400 block of Market Street during the warmer months are familiar with the green space where Wilmington Green Box sells cold-pressed juices. The juices and the Green Box non-profit, started by Jason Aviles and partner John Naughton, have received a lot of press for the work they have done not only employing at-risk youth, but also bringing healthy options to the food desert—areas of the city that have limited access to nutritious food. “We see the demand for nutritious food in Wilmington is on the rise. We can’t keep up,” says Aviles. To that end, Green Box paired with Harvest House, a new restaurant in the Big Fish Restaurant Group, to make their juices more widely available. The public appetite for the product only increased to the point where Aviles and Naughton knew they had to think even further outside of the “Green Box,” so to speak...

Torbert Street Social, Torbert Street Social Bar

In some respects, Torbert Street Social doesn’t quite know what it wants to be.  It wants to be a secret, tucked in behind other restaurants in Wilmington’s Business District. But its name is its location, so it isn’t quite the mystery its website wants you to believe it is. It wants to be a dark and edgy speak-easy, but it’s got a boisterous outdoor beer garden vibe happening, too... 

Makers Alley

For weeks now, the glint of silver coming from an alley just off Market has hinted at good things to come … and good things are here. Maker’s Alley is open and welcoming guests at this crafty indoor/outdoor oasis that runs between Shipley and Orange streets near 8th. The silver Airstream kitchen outside pumps out an eclectic array of food, the bar is stocked with good finds, and according to General Manager Megan Babcock (who we talked to Tuesday, right before happy hour), people are already finding their way down the alley, and staying awhile:

Abundance Child, Abundance Child

You’ve probably never met a person like Abundance Child. A compelling combination of contemporary entrepreneurial drive and traditional homesteading instincts, she defies prediction. She is the chef-owner of Drop Squad Kitchen, a Riverfront Wilmington restaurant that has built its reputation on vegan cuisine. But Drop Squad Kitchen is more than just a place to eat, it’s a community center of sorts. It’s a school. It’s a village square...


Autumn is IN the Glass at Merchant Bar

What we’re drinking: Off The Wagon (bourbon, walnut liquor, early grey, sweet vermouth, toasted cinnamon)

Where we’re drinking it: Merchant Bar

Why we’re drinking it: To check out the light show that comes with each order – and because it tastes great

Who created it: Diego Paqui