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Food and Drink

Makers Alley

For weeks now, the glint of silver coming from an alley just off Market has hinted at good things to come … and good things are here. Maker’s Alley is open and welcoming guests at this crafty indoor/outdoor oasis that runs between Shipley and Orange streets near 8th. The silver Airstream kitchen outside pumps out an eclectic array of food, the bar is stocked with good finds, and according to General Manager Megan Babcock (who we talked to Tuesday, right before happy hour), people are already finding their way down the alley, and staying awhile:

Abundance Child, Abundance Child

You’ve probably never met a person like Abundance Child. A compelling combination of contemporary entrepreneurial drive and traditional homesteading instincts, she defies prediction. She is the chef-owner of Drop Squad Kitchen, a Riverfront Wilmington restaurant that has built its reputation on vegan cuisine. But Drop Squad Kitchen is more than just a place to eat, it’s a community center of sorts. It’s a school. It’s a village square...


Autumn is IN the Glass at Merchant Bar

What we’re drinking: Off The Wagon (bourbon, walnut liquor, early grey, sweet vermouth, toasted cinnamon)

Where we’re drinking it: Merchant Bar

Why we’re drinking it: To check out the light show that comes with each order – and because it tastes great

Who created it: Diego Paqui

Chelsea Plaza

This was the summer when Market decided to spend some more quality time outdoors. La Fia and Cavanaugh’s have always been reliable outdoor eating spots, but newly constructed spaces at Bardea and The Queen definitely added to the number of outdoor tables available.

Underground Kitchen IN Wilmington, Underground Kitchen IN Wilmington, Underground Kitchen IN Wilmington, Underground Kitchen IN Wilmington, Underground Kitchen IN Wilmington - Photo by Chris Johnson

It is Sunday morning, and I am sipping a divine cup of French press (angels singing above) and eating cinnamon buns (Carrie Fisher belting out a Broadway tune in my head) in post-glow of a remarkable dinner party I attended last night. Coffee and pastry were part of the goodie bag I received as Aretha Franklin sang me out of the top-secret location where I spent three hours tucking in with a couple dozen strangers at my first—and Wilmington’s inaugural—Underground Kitchen (UGK) event. The décor was stunning. The food was…well, I’ll get to all those superlatives later. The way you really know it was a good party? It’s the morning after...

Faire Market & Cafe

Jim Still cut his chops in Austin, Texas, running a nightclub inside that city’s world famous Sixth Street entertainment district. But this morning, we caught up with Jim manning a cash register just a couple blocks off Market, inside the new Faire Market & Café. He’s the general manager. So why’s he flying solo this morning?

Sug of Hoochi Coochi IN the Mix

Our latest episode of IN the Mix is now available on Facebook and YouTube! Sug from Hoochi Coochi joins us as we throw The Delaware Contemporary, Downtown Brew Fest 2019 and Girard Craft & Cork & Faire Market & Cafe *IN the Mix* in our August INstallment...