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Sug of Hoochi Coochi IN the Mix

Our latest episode of IN the Mix is now available on Facebook and YouTube! Sug from Hoochi Coochi joins us as we throw The Delaware Contemporary, Downtown Brew Fest 2019 and Girard Craft & Cork & Faire Market & Cafe *IN the Mix* in our August INstallment...

Underground Kitchen Comes to Wilmington - Photos by Chris Johnson, Underground Kitchen Comes to Wilmington - Photos by Chris Johnson, Underground Kitchen Comes to Wilmington - Photos by Chris Johnson, Underground Kitchen Comes to Wilmington - Photos by Chris Johnson, Underground Kitchen Comes to Wilmington - Photos by Chris Johnson

When Michael Sparks and his husband first moved to Richmond, VA, they had a hard time finding their footing. Neighbors were polite, but they seemed a little standoffish. Sparks, a design and branding expert who previously lived and worked in the high-end markets of Madrid and New York (cough, cough Louis Vuitton)—decided to play to his strengths in his efforts to increase the couple’s social standing in their new home. So, he threw a dinner party. His effort had the desired effect—and then some. Not only did Sparks attract the community he craved in Richmond, he found his calling...

Green Box is Growing

Wilmington Green Box has opened its gates for another summer of cold pressed juices at its Green Space on the 400 block of Market (and now at the Rodney Square Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays). But before the summer ends (fingers crossed, if construction goes well), it will be joined by Green Box Kitchen, a new fast-casual vegan restaurant that will offer takeout with seating for about 10-12 people on the corner of Fourth and Market.  And that’s not even the biggest thing Green Box entrepreneur Jason Aviles has going on this summer…

V Trap

If you are a vegan, you are used to skimming the perimeter of a menu looking for a leaf symbol or a bold-faced V to find those couple of entrees meant for you. It isn’t that you can’t find good vegan food in Wilmington, but why must its procurement feel like a treasure hunt? V-Trap Kitchen and Lounge, the new restaurant at 607 N. Lincoln Street in Wilmington’s Little Italy, turns that model of food service on its head. The entire menu is filled with vegan fare, but Ssh! you don’t have to tell your carnivorous friends. That’s the “trap” part of the restaurant’s name. The food is so healthy and addictive, it will ensnare those people in your circle who regularly dismiss the plant side of the menu.

Get Out and About For Wilmington Beer Week!

Tap into the “good stuff” throughout Wilmington November 5th – 10th in celebration of Wilmington Beer Week, presented by Out and About!

Harvest House Delaware - photo by Jill Althouse-Wood

Note to vegans and clean-eaters: two new, healthy dining options opened in July and are bookending downtown Wilmington with their vibrant, eat-your-colors menus...

A Night with Character - Lots of Them

The Halloween Loop is almost 40. In other words, we’re old enough to know better.

But it’s tough to shake old habits, so forgive us if we fail to act our age on this one night of the year. Or, act like we’re someone else, say…Donald Trump, Prince Harry or any of the Kardashians. Wilmington may be the place to be somebody, but on Halloween Loop night it’s the place to be somebody else.