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Yes, Wilmington!

Include. Innovate. Advance. Those were the watchwords at the Wilmington Alliance’s “Yes, Wilmington” summit this week. Community influencers from throughout the city gathered at the Chase Center to envision the future of Wilmington … and driving that future are the people of Market. We wandered over to the event to bring back five key takeaways that you need to hear. The first four came from Scott Andes, program director for city innovation ecosystems at the National League of Cities – but don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to improve your improv game in here, too. 

The Rotary Club of Wilmington officially unveiled on Monday an installation of purpose-built outdoor musical instruments for use by adults and children in H. Fletcher Brown Park at the Brandywine River end of Market Street in Wilmington....

Wilmington Representatives Undergo Groundbreaking for Wilmington Wetlands Project

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki, Delaware Governor John Carney, Senator Chris Coons, Council President Hanifa Shabazz, District Council Member Michelle Harlee and Southbridge Civic Association President Marie Reed today broke ground for the $25 million construction of the long-awaited South Wilmington Wetlands Park. The 20-acre wetlands project will create a stormwater management facility that will help to reduce flooding, restore and enhance existing wetlands, and create a new open recreational space for the Southbridge community and all citizens to enjoy.

Torbert Street Social, Torbert Street Social Bar

In some respects, Torbert Street Social doesn’t quite know what it wants to be.  It wants to be a secret, tucked in behind other restaurants in Wilmington’s Business District. But its name is its location, so it isn’t quite the mystery its website wants you to believe it is. It wants to be a dark and edgy speak-easy, but it’s got a boisterous outdoor beer garden vibe happening, too... 

Mascots for a Cure 5k Takes on Market

Christopher Bruce spent four formative years inside a fuzzy suit, as the beloved YouDEe at the University of Delaware. “My mom always joked that she sent me off to college become a doctor, and I came home a stuffed animal.” After a career in and around mascots – including a stint as G-Wiz for the Washington Wizards – Christopher now serves as the Chief Impact Officer for the Wilmington-based Mascots for a Cure, and his mascot friends came out in force for the organization’s inaugural 5K, kicking off at Stitch House on Market last Saturday…

Larry Strange IN Action

In 2006, Larry Strange experienced a debilitating spine injury that required surgery to fuse his C3-C5 vertebrae. The casualties of this surgery were neck mobility and Larry’s weekly tennis matches. To replace tennis and help with his rehabilitation, Strange took up hiking. (This comes into play later in the story.) The irony is that thirteen years later, Strange, in spite of his limited ability turn his neck, is putting Wilmington on the map (Google Maps to be specific) with his 360-degree photography...