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Philly Nonprofit Providing Tech Workshops For Girls Expands To Delaware

We’re excited to share that TechGirlz will soon be expanding their operations to Delaware. The program is currently a nonprofit based in Philadelphia that focuses on providing free tech workshops to middle-school girls. With Delaware’s prevalence of financial companies, the program will be including fintech training as well to offer the most relevant curriculum possible.

INside Tasties 302 on Market St., INside Tasties 302 on Market St., INside Tasties 302 on Market St., Flavor for Your Soul: Sample Menu

As a child growing up in Southwest Philadelphia, Barbara Devan loved to help her grandmother and her mother in the kitchen. The food was homey and satisfying. Think golden fried chicken, collard greens, baked macaroni-and-cheese and candied yams...

Earth Day 2020 IN Quarantine, Earth Day 2020 IN Quarantine, Earth Day 2020 IN Quarantine

I was watching an aerial video of Wilmington produced by NüPOINT the other day, showing the stark streets, stores and public spaces of our once bustling city. Talk about all the feels...Each park overview was a particular shot to the heart, as the changing weather brings with it the INtense urge to get out and explore. And with Earth Day on the horizon, I couldn’t help but think about all of the celebrations we’ll be missing out on—the chance to pick up tree seedlings in Rodney Square, explore and educate ourselves on the latest in conservation at Brandywine Zoo, Delaware Nature Society or Delaware Museum of Natural History—what’s Earth Day if we have to spend it INdoors?

Facebook Live Magic Show presented by Party Business - March 27, Ronapalooza - March 28, Virtual Princess Party w/ Rapunzel - March 29, Sadhana Yoga offers FREE online classes, David Pollack Vintage Posters

We know, we know...Life is a little bizarre right now and finding things to do feels like a challenge. The good news is, the latest INstallment of our newsletter is chock-full of online offerings from Wilmington partners that will keep you and the family entertained right from your couch...