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From a dreary, abandoned shipyard to a vibrant, thriving neighborhood, the riverfront has come a long way...

The February 3rd event at the Playhouse on Rodney Square was designed to give the public and opportunity to hear from the leadership team at the Grand about their plans for the future of the Playhouse.

Today, The New York Times shared an article entitled "Wilmington Seeks a Youthful Energy Downtown", providing its readers just a glimpse of what's to come in the next few years IN Wilmington. Even though I personally was aware of the projects highlighted, it still provided an intense surge of energy and pride to read words describing the hard work happening here in Wilmington and to know they were intended for a much wider audience.

The City of Wilmington is well known in the region for its varied and plentiful arts and entertainment opportunities. Among the City’s most popular venues are the Riverfront, The Grand Opera House, The Delaware Art Museum and World Café Live at the Queen. In recent years, among those cultural and entertainment offerings have been the increasingly visible and successful arts programs and events managed by the City, which are made up of a diverse array of City Cultural Affairs programming. 

Following through on the state’s commitment to help revitalize downtowns and surrounding neighborhoods in Delaware’s neediest areas, Governor Markell today announced he has selected Seaford, Dover, and Wilmington for designation as Downtown Development Districts (DDDs). Under the DDD program, the first three DDDs must include one District in each county.

In May of 2012 I announced to my work of seven years I was leaving because I was moving to Delaware. Needless to say I got quite a few strange looks. “Why Delaware?” they would all ask. The answer to that question I gave was my fiancé; he had gotten a job at DuPont.

Wilmington is the gateway to the Brandywine River Valley with its world-class museums, attractions, accommodations and restaurants. To put it on the map for you, Wilmington is located half way between New York City and Washington DC, 35 minutes to Philadelphia, and 90 minutes to Baltimore...