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The ribbon is cut! DECO Wilmington opens for business...

"HONK" If You Like DTC's New Family Production -- We Do!"HONK" If You Like DTC's New Family Production -- We Do!

Have you ever felt like an ugly duckling, like you are different and you don’t fit in? That pretty much describes me from age 9 to age 16. Gangly, with a bad perm and glasses, I devoured stories like The Ugly Duckling to help keep the hope alive that some day I would fit in. 

Remembering Victims of Gun Violence Through Moving Spirituals Performance

Countertenor Augstine (Gus) Mercante offered some perspectives on his long — and sometimes complicated — relationship with the African American spiritual in the program notes of his March 31 concert, There's a Man Going 'Round: Remembering Victims of Gun Violence, as part of The Arts at Trinity series at Trinity Episcopal Church in Wilmington. 

Spaceboy Clothing Voyage

Spaceboy Clothing started its 10-year mission on Market in 2009. Now, one of Market’s most recognizable brands is ‘launching’ again, on a voyage across the street, boldly going into uncharted space (actually, the space formerly occupied by Jerry’s Artarama, but go with us here). In their new location, Spaceboy nearly triples in size. We chatted with Spaceboy owner/founder David Sanchez about going higher, further, faster into his second decade on Market, and how much of that success he owes to Amy Schumer…

Mark Farner

The first African-American dame to be named president of any college in Delaware. Producer dame of 1981’s “Mo' Tea, Miss Ann?,” the first major musical by a Delawarean at the DuPont Playhouse as well as an off-Broadway production. Founder of 2017’s “Stellar Start Up” (as awarded by the Philadelphia Inquirer) and a NAWBO “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award-winning dame. Under the wrong circumstances, a woman would bristle at hearing the word dame, and it might not end well for a fella bandying the term about. (Merriam-Webster defines the word as “a woman of rank, station, or authority,” while recognizing that it is old-fashioned slang.)...


Spaceboy Celebrates 10 Years IN Wilmington

It’s a classic story: two artists get together, discuss their dreams, open a retail shop, and successfully grow into bigger and bigger spaces, frequently expanding their art offerings, and live happily ever after. No, wait, that’s not the way it usually works for artists. But most artists aren’t longtime friends David Sanchez and Noah Merenda, founders of Spaceboy Clothing...

Cupid's Undie Run IN Wilmington February 16th

Have you heard? We expect a massive crowd running around Downtown Wilmington this Saturday... The best part? They'll be IN their skivvies! 

"Why?," you ask. Because Cupid's Undie Run, a unique fundraiser for neurofibromatosis, is making its Wilmington debut on February 16th... 


Mac Nagaswami and Greg Star may have conceived and birthed Carvertise on campus at the University of Delaware, but they raised their fledgling young company on Market, until it grew so big that it had to find its own place and move out on its own. Yet you still feel Carvertise’s presence every day on Market, every time you find yourself standing on a street corner and suddenly engaging with one of the 15-or-so campaigns that Carvertise currently has running in Delaware. So we asked Mac, every time we see a wrapped car … are they all Carvertising?:

Fearless Improv

Jana Savini starting making stuff up as a member of the Rubber Chickens at the University of Delaware, continued pulling stuff out of thin air at the Upright Citizens Brigade and bounced around the Philly improv scene before landing as the director of Fearless Improv, newly headquartered with City Theater Company at The Grand on Market.