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Living In Wilmington


Despite the recent heat wave and stifling humidity, the calendar actually says September and autumn is just around the corner. (Technically, a calendar says nothing; one must read it to confirm we are on the cusp of fall.) Actually, upon closer inspection, the fall season kicks off this weekend, and with it comes a healthy slate of fun festivals that will keep the weekends full ‘til Thanksgiving...

Brandywine Festival of the Arts

Saturday, September 8th & Sunday, September 9th: Don’t let the 20,000 visitor estimate fool you: Brandywine Festival of the Arts is an intimate opportunity to meet artists and stock up on all things painted, turned, sewn and repurposed for your aesthetic pleasure. With the soon-to-be-restored Josephine Fountain as a center meeting point, BFA weekend is a lovely way to honor the approach of summer’s end in the beautiful Brandywine Park, overlooking the Brandywine Creek...

Margaux IN Wilmington by Joe del Tufo

Downtown Wilmington has become a diner’s delight with new, eclectic cuisine

Art Loop Wilmington

Wilmington Art Loop celebrates 30 years! Wilmingtonians love the Loop concept. Back in the late 1970s, Fine Times Magazine came up with an idea to create a costumed bar crawl to celebrate Halloween. This October, the Halloween Loop will celebrate its 39th year...

Laura Wilburn - Urban Bike Project

Laura Wilburn has never owned a car. She has, however, been on a bicycle for the majority of her life, has even biked from Bozeman, MT back to her home in Wilmington after a volunteering stint for AmeriCorps where she focused her passions on non-profit work. When she got back home from her cross-country biking odyssey in October 2012, she found out about the Urban Bike Project...

The Residences at Mid-Town Park

The Residences at Mid-Town Park have barely opened, and they are already filling with new tenants. After more than two years of construction, we know what these apartments look like on the outside – and boy, do we appreciate that big, beautiful, bright parking garage underneath. But what do they look like on the inside? We connected with Alexa Brancato, one of complex’s first residents, for a quick tour of her new space.