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The calendar may have read March 17, but nary a note of an Irish gigue was to be heard in the sanctuary of Christ Church in Greenville, Delaware.

Rather, there were plenty of bransles, courantes, bourees galliardes and voltes as Piffaro joined with viol consort Sonnambula to present “Dancers’ Delight,” a celebration of Michael Praetorius’ Terpsichore.

Bootless Stageworks

For nine out of the last ten years, Bootless Stageworks has staged horror-themed musical theater productions, usually in the summer, such as Evil Dead, The Musical and The Texas Chainsaw Musical!, featuring the company’s signature “splatter zone,” a section of seating where tarps and ponchos protect guests from a thorough soaking of stage blood. And where other guests wear white shirts that will serve as a stained souvenir of their experience. But don’t let the preponderance of singing, sweltering gore-fests fool you...

Sarah Koon

As the 50+ musicians of “Shine A Light On 1969” gathered on stage at The Queen for the closing song of the show, the new executive director of the Light Up The Queen Foundation was right there among them. In the first in our series about the Women of Market during Women’s History Month, we’re chatting with Sarah Koon (left in above photo) about how this very popular annual fundraiser will support the programs of the LUTQ Foundation. But we started by asking her to think back to that moment on stage as the show ended…

Rennie Harris' Lifted!

Since 1992, Rennie has been the mastermind choreographer behind his dance company Puremovement which was created with the specific purpose to further preserve and disseminate hip hop culture, particularly as it relates to dance, through artistic works, lecture demonstrations and discussions.


As the leader of Puremovement, Rennie has garnered praise from international press being hailed as “the Basquiat of the US Contemporary dance scene” by the London Times and “the most respected…the most brilliant hip hop choreographer in America” by The New Yorker, along with a slew of awards to boot...

Lisa Perry & Jeremy Lyons

The Wilmington Classical Guitar Society welcomed back the duo of guitarist Jeremy Lyons and soprano Lisa Perry and introduced rising-star guitarist Evan Conrad Saturday night at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant. Programming a concert is no mean feat and Lyons et al are clearly experts at it. The concert featured a rich tapestry of guitar music that spanned more than three centuries...

Kevin Walsh and Mike Petrillo during Shine A Light on 1968 - photo by Joe del Tufo

There are tribute shows and then there are SPECTACULARS. Given the constant barrage of tribute concerts and throwback dance parties that a person can catch around Wilmington, with subject matter ranging from Led Zeppelin to “Sad and Boujee,” one could be excused from, at first, assuming Shine A Light is just another tribute show at The Queen. Anyone who has attended a past Shine A Light can tell you that assuming it is “just another” anything would be totally off base. It is a labor of love for all involved, a collective quest for musical greatness to counteract faltering arts education programming for 21st century kids...