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South Pacific The Candlelight Theatre

It’s 2019, and The Candlelight Theatre is celebrating its 50th anniversary this season, currently staging the musical South Pacific which is celebrating its 70thanniversary. Milestones like this matter in a world in which 60% of all TV shows get cancelled before season two and 70% of all restaurants close within 3-5 years...

Gayle Dillman - Ladybug Music Festival

Never get in the way of a woman and her passion. In the case of Gayle Dillman, it was her role as a proud stay-at-home mom that created a path for her to co-found Gable Music Ventures and its Ladybug Festival. In 2010, seeking to showcase her talented daughter’s original music, she paired up with now-business-partner Jeremy Hebbel to put on “First Annual Yorklyn Rock Showcase.” One thing led to another and this entrepreneur, who has been quoted in Billboard Magazine, will soon welcome 10,000 guests to the eighth annual Festival, taking place July 18 and 19, 2019.


Seven Bells of Remembrance

On the Fourth of July, at the far end of Market, freedom will ring … and those doing the ringing will definitely need some earplugs. “It can be quite deafening,” says Delaware Symphony Orchestra Executive Director Alan Jordan.

Valley Ride Music Festival

On a weekend when a good amount of Delaware music lovers headed south to Dover for the eighth iteration of Firefly Music Festival, a couple hundred decided to skip the traffic and head to Yorklyn instead for the inaugural Valley Ride Jam Band Music Festival at Dew Point Brewing Company. The sun was shining brightly Saturday on Creek Road, and patrons would be happy to see a ton of cotton-swab clouds pass over, providing shade during the six hours of live music. On tap to play the first festival were Xtra Alltra, Cadillac Riot, Lower Case Blues, MEGA, and Stackabones, the band fronted by Butch Zito, who helped put together the festival...

Serafin String Quartet

Even a group as well-established as the Serafins must entertain questions and doubts when choosing a new identity. A string quartet which debuted in 2004 under the artistic direction of Kate Ransom, president and CEO of The Music School of Delaware, the group became the Serafin Ensemble earlier this year. The change opens new vistas of possibility in repertoire, instrumentation and collaboration. Already the roster has added piano, voice, double bass, flute and horn. But evolution isn’t always easy, especially in a chamber music world more comfortable with string quartets and a pop culture with a tendency to treat all “classical” music as antiquated...

Live Music at Dew Point

As Delaware's only family-owned and operated microbrewery, Dew Point Brewing Co. has carved out a special place in the state’s brewing community, and settled into a unique location just up the road from the family home. A quick northward turn from the center of Hockessin, or a scenic, winding, creekside drive from Greenville, will get you to Yorklyn, Delaware. It is a town of twisting and turning roads with a surprisingly large offering of arts, culture and recreation even before this brewery settled in and began offering regular events, including a newly-expanded series of music festivals...