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Sew Stylish

02 11

INWilmAfter being featured on in 2020, Wilmington-based designer Asata Beeks finally hits it big   2020 is a year that many people would like to forget. But not 27-year-old...

Wilmington Continues to Stand IN Support of Black Lives

10 08

Jill Althouse-WoodIf you happened to be walking past Wilmington’s Federal building by the Western entrance of Peter Spencer Plaza on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 7, you would have caught a glimpse of a check-...

Morris James presents their donation to Culture Restoration, Inc.

Hip-Hop, Chess, Language Arts and Math—Restoring Black Culture through Supplemental Learning

08 14

JulieAnne Cross  Literacy and math proficiency are challenges that a wide swath of students cannot overcome, despite hours a day of schooling and homework. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes...

Rich and Shah - photo by Joe del Tufo

#PhilanthropySoWhite #NonprofitsSoWhite

07 13

Arreon A. Harley-EmersonIt is certainly no secret that the philanthropy and nonprofit sector in this country is led by white men. As a Black executive director, I consider myself fortunate, as I have been successful...

Arreon A. Harley-Emerson

Flavor for Your Soul

05 26

Pam George  Tasties 302 is new to Wilmington   As a child growing up in Southwest Philadelphia, Barbara Devan loved to help her grandmother and her mother in the kitchen. The food was homey...

INside Tasties 302 on Market St.

Great Neighbors: How You Can Support the Arts and Local Businesses with Dollars and Actions

03 20

IN WilmingtonThis week, Delawareans reading the news learned that food and beverage workers make up about TEN PERCENT of the First State’s workforce, not counting other hospitality workers, like hotel staff. What...

IN This Together

StayIN' Fit Indoors

03 24

IN WilmingtonNow that our quarantine is official, your favorite gym or yoga studio has closed its doors and you might be left wondering where to go from here. Or, perhaps you haven't established a regular...

Yoga - Crow Pose

What's IN: Stuck INside Edition

03 24

IN WilmingtonWe know, we know...Life is a little bizarre right now and finding things to do feels like a challenge. The good news is, the latest INstallment of our newsletter is chock-full of online...

Facebook Live Magic Show presented by Party Business - March 27