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IN the Spotlight: Chris Bruce, King Creative

12 09

Jill Althouse-WoodIf the Queen Theatre is one of the crown jewels on Market Street, then King Creative may just be the royal consort that our lady deserves--and all of Wilmington has been waiting for. For over 100...

Chris Bruce -by Joe del Tufo

IN the Spotlight: Dori Fostok

02 02

JulieAnne CrossI can’t think of any bad mood a person could be in wherein a run-in with Dori Fostok was not turn your day around. I mean, sure, nobody needs razzle dazzle at a funeral or anything, but I swear you...

Dori Fostok

IN the Spotlight: Joe del Tufo, Moonloop Photography

01 20

Jill Althouse-WoodThere is a saying in Delaware that it isn’t Six Degrees of Separation, it’s more like two. I will go a step further and assert that one of those degrees is Joe del Tufo. (You thought I was going to...

Moonloop Photography

IN the Spotlight: Christian Wills

01 04

JulieAnne CrossThe first thing I noticed about poet, artist and lyricist Christian Wills was his interesting email address configuration. His stage name is Anthem, which Merriam-Webster defines as “a song or hymn...

Christian Wills -by Joe del Tufo

IN the Spotlight: David Sanchez, Spaceboy Clothing

12 18

Jill Althouse-WoodThe more I talk to the artists, the business owners…the movers and shakers IN Wilmington, the more I have come to understand that they are never just one thing. A foundational element in Wilmington’s...

David Sanchez -by Joe del Tufo

IN the Spotlight: Erica Jones

09 14

Jill Althouse-WoodIn the space of ten minutes, three passersbys on the 200 block of West 9th Street stop to praise the mural that artist Erica Jones is in the process of painting. On a step ladder, jars of milky paint...

Erica Jones - photo by Joe del Tufo

Quarantine Check IN: Hot Breakfast!

06 18

Swati ChaturvediToday we are checking IN with the acoustic dork rock power duo, Matt Casarino & Jill Knapp from Hot Breakfast! We sat down for a virtual interview and talked about life, love, and making music...

Hot Breakfast!

IN Love: This Couple Is Thriving Since Their Country Mouse-City Mouse Transformations

04 09

JulieAnne CrossSmall, rural towns have a (perhaps unfair, perhaps not) reputation for stifling artistic promise, as it can be an expression of one’s otherness. Perhaps this author is projecting, but dipping a toe...

Danielle and Chelsea