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Quarantine Check IN: Hot Breakfast!

06 18

Swati ChaturvediToday we are checking IN with the acoustic dork rock power duo, Matt Casarino & Jill Knapp from Hot Breakfast! We sat down for a virtual interview and talked about life, love, and making music...

Hot Breakfast!

Quarantine Check IN: The Music School of Delaware

05 14

Swati Chaturvedi  Founded in 1924, The Music School of Delaware has a long history of serving residents of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. As organizations continue to adapt to the realities...

The Music School Virtual Class

Wilmington Musicians Coping with COVID INdoors

05 08

Daniel Lord  We’re well over a month into the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home orders and self-isolating has begun to take its toll. While many of us sit inside endlessly streaming Spotify or re-listening to our...

Sam Nobles - photo by Kevin Francis

Stuck INside? Rock Out!

03 19

IN WilmingtonWe're so used to rockIN' out here #inWilm, musicians and fans alike are having a tough time adjusting to this whole social distancing thing...Good news is we've compiled a list of our favorite...

Darnell Miller

Quarantine Check IN: The Grand

04 17

Jill Althouse-WoodDon’t sweat the small stuff, they said. And then along came Covid-19, the smallest of small stuff that is toppling our healthcare systems, playing havoc with our daily lives and overthrowing...

IN Love: This Couple Is Thriving Since Their Country Mouse-City Mouse Transformations

04 09

JulieAnne CrossSmall, rural towns have a (perhaps unfair, perhaps not) reputation for stifling artistic promise, as it can be an expression of one’s otherness. Perhaps this author is projecting, but dipping a toe...

Danielle and Chelsea

Great Neighbors: How You Can Support the Arts and Local Businesses with Dollars and Actions

03 20

IN WilmingtonThis week, Delawareans reading the news learned that food and beverage workers make up about TEN PERCENT of the First State’s workforce, not counting other hospitality workers, like hotel staff. What...

IN This Together

What's IN: Stuck INside Edition

03 24

IN WilmingtonWe know, we know...Life is a little bizarre right now and finding things to do feels like a challenge. The good news is, the latest INstallment of our newsletter is chock-full of online...

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