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The Village of Arden is on the National Register of Historical Places, and was founded in 1900 as a utopian, single-tax community based on the economic philosophy of Henry George. It is still noted for its arts, crafts, music, and theater. The village occupies about 160 mostly tree-covered acres in three areas: The Village of Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft.

Most activities within Arden occur at the Gild Hall, and include concerts / performances, dances, private events, and more. In recent years, the Buzz Ware Village Center has also become a gathering place for art, tai chi, and giqong classes, as well as a monthly free family movie night and coffee house. Arden is also home to the Candlelight Theatre - a dinner playhouse that has produced five shows annually for the past 31 years.

Arden is also home to the annual Arden Fair, held on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. The Fair features children's games and rides, handmade crafts by over 100 vendors (many of whom are local), an Antiques Market, used books (inside Gild Hall), plants, live music, delicious food and drink, an art exhibit, and more.