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Brew HaHa!

See Descrip.

Many years ago, in Italy, I had a vision while gazing out over the Tuscan countryside. I was visiting a charming Italian pensione in Fiesole, an ancient Etruscan settlement located in the hills above Florence. Each morning, the guests gathered on the rose-covered stone terrace and drank cappuccinos while church bells rang in the distant background.

Signora Simone, the matronly owner of the pensione, expertly pulled each espresso individually, using a vintage Faema machine. The fellowship, the glorious espresso, and the otherworldly atmosphere.....

It was nirvana.

Brew Ha Ha! was born in that humble town so many years ago. My vision was to recreate the experience I had in Italy back home in the Delaware Valley, where I believed I could fulfill my life’s purpose – to create heavenly coffee beverages, equal to or superior than those of the finest cafes in Italy.

Call us coffee-evangelists. We’ll answer to that.

Rise up! For we shall overcome the nightmare of overroasted, over-sweetened coffee sludge imposed upon our nation by ruthless heretics – one cup at a time.

Yours in coffee,

Alisa Morkides


Stop in each month to see work from different local artists on display!


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