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Darley Arts Center


The Darley House was the home of famous illustrator Felix O. C. Darley. Being America?s first full time illustrator, he was widely sought after by publishers who were responsible in printing the works of some of the nation?s famous writers, including Charles Dickens. Edgar Allan Poe, James Fenimore Cooper, Washington Irving, and Nathaniel Hawthorne are some of the other famous writers whom Darley illustrated for. His most notable works include ?The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow? and ?Rip Van Winkle.?

Although it is not confirmed, the historical marker states that the site had been visited by Charles Dickens in 1867. Darley purchased the house in 1963 and renamed it to ?The Wren?s Nest.?

In 1974, the house was included in the National Register of Historic Places. 

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