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Wilmington Classical Guitar Society

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The Wilmington Classical Guitar Society, established in 2009, is a network of local musicians and professionals committed to promoting the classical guitar, its players and its music, throughout the Delaware Valley and beyond.

Now, more than ever, as social networking over the internet continues to supplant face-to-face socialization, and funding for artistic programs dwindles nationwide, we believe it is increasingly important to establish alternative outlets for the promotion and development of the arts on a person-to-person basis.

The mission of the WCGS is three-fold: to provide a friendly environment for meeting and interacting with other guitarists, to promote the local guitar community by raising awareness of the classical guitar and classical guitar events, and to enrich and educate the community at large through sponsoring and presenting concerts, master classes and outreach programs.

If you are a like-minded individual and are interested in meeting other guitarists, helping us to promote the classical guitar in the community, and perhaps promoting your own events, teaching or professional services, please consider joining us.