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Chinese American Community Center

1313 Little Baltimore Road
Wilmington, DE 19707

The Chinese American Community Center (CACC) is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, nonpartisan and independent organization founded in 1982 by a group of Chinese Americans in the Delaware area. The purpose is to promote the exchange and integration of Chinese and American cultures. We provide multi-faceted services to the community, such as the early childhood education by the CACC Montessori School, summer camps, Chinese School, culture camps, clubs of various recreational interests and Senior Club, etc.
CACC has proudly presented the Chinese Festival for the past 20+ years. Our mission is to foster the understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and heritage through exhibits, performances, and cuisines. The festival provides opportunities for interaction and collaboration between the CACC and our friends and neighbors.

Hours of Operation

operating hours not provided - please call for details

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