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Christ Church - Christiana Hundred

505 E. Buck Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19807

The church exists to gather people together in the presence of God so that we may join in the reconciling work of Christ Jesus.  All around us institutions that exist to gather people in community are challenged by the current climate of polarization, of digital distance and virtual connections, of personal isolation or selective community.  We do not have a mandate for involvement, like a school community.  People don't have to be here to earn a paycheck or purchase a commodity.  They choose to be here to participate in a shared faith journey.

Christ Church Christiana Hundred is a congregation of about 1800 members, with a history and a future.  We want to be clear about why people should choose to gather here as Christ Church.  We want to be intentional and purposed in the use of our resources, in the design of our programs, in the focus of our energy.  We want to understand God’s desire for the best use of our gifts for ministry.  We want to serve God's purpose in and through the common life of this congregation.  We want others to join us in service, in worship, and in the kinds of fellowship that remind us there is goodness and love in this day and age; there is serenity and peace in our world.

Explore our mission, vision, and principles, affirmed in May 2012, as the purpose God calls us to serve today and the way we believe we can fulfill that purpose.  Get to know the members who have accepted the call to leadership as members of our Vestry and Staff.  Read of our history and join our bold expressions of faith, hope, and love as followers of Christ.

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