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Padua Academy

905 North Broom Street
Wilmington, DE 19806

Padua Academy is a four year Catholic high school for young women that was founded in 1954 by Rev. Joseph L. McCoy, O.S.F.S. and built by the members of St. Anthony of Padua parish. In the early years, members of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales and the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia administered and staffed the school. To insure a continuing tradition in the founding spirit, St. Francis de Sales and St. Francis of Assisi were chosen as the patrons of the school.

Padua Academy students are from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and study in a community rooted in the Gospel and modeled on the values of St. Francis de Sales and St. Francis of Assisi. We endeavor to provide an academic environment which fosters respect for knowledge and for the uniqueness of individuals in relationship to each other, and which nurtures the whole person while challenging her to accept the responsibilities of global stewardship.

The school motto, "Suaviter sed fortiter," translates as "Softly, but strongly," and reminds us of the qualities of an educated woman: nurturing and responsive to the uniqueness of others, yet purposeful and determined, accepting a responsible role in the global community.

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