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Presbyterian Church of the Covenant

503 Duncan Road
Wilmington, DE 19809

Our Mission Statement

Loving God, connecting people, changing lives, 
reflecting Christ to the world.

Our church exists to praise and glorify God. Therefore, we are called to close the gap between what we do now and what we know we must do to make our vision become reality.

We believe God calls each one of us to:

  • Be Christ to one another by
  • Gathering for worship and prayer
  • Creating an environment and a process to be a church of small groups
  • Developing the practices of discipleship
  • Equipping and empowering people for ministry
  • Helping each other learn to naturally share our faith with others

Be Christ in our community by

  • Communicating the timeless message of Christ through methods that meet people "where they are"
  • Creating and fostering connections to and with the community
  • Helping the unchurched and seldom-churched understand the relevance of a life through Christ in His church
  • Connecting people to the body through membership in the church

God calls us to be these things to one another and in our community so that lives are changed and God's purposes are fulfilled through a people connected in community. We bring Christ to the community and the community to Christ.

Hours of Operation

operating hours not provided - please call for details

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